Plant group May

We have had two good gardening sessions over the last couple of weeks. The ‘barren strip’ will, we hope, be less barren in future. We have cleared weeds from a good section and sown wildflower seeds from Kew’s Grow Wild programme and additional seeds purchased courtesy of Brockley Assembly funding. The mix includes oxeye daisies, common agrimony, yarrow, viper’s bugloss, wild carrot, toadflax, birdsfoot trefoil and many more. Weeds are great but the range of flowers sown should attract a wider range of insects once established.

We also hoed the bare area under the chestnut tree between the creek and the pond. Here we sowed flowers which bloom at night time (from Kew) and woodland flowers including foxgloves. Some of these are biennials, so we won’t see the benefit until next year.

Here is the team from Saturday. On Wednesday, we were joined by Jimmy and Muhammed but we forgot to take a photo.

R-L : Milly, Imelda, Fred and Julia.
Sowing woodland wild flower seeds under the chestnut tree.