Deptford in the Pink: grant awarded by Brockley Assembly

We are delighted to report our grant application to Brockley Assembly was successful.  This will support development of the park as a community resource for horticultural skills exchange, biodiversity improvement and creativity.

Support will enable us to:

  • Increase the Planting Group’s ability to work effectively and involve others;
  • Make improvements to two more rose-beds;
  • Host seed planting and propagation workshops;
  • Grow the Deptford Pink in Deptford (Dianthus Armeria, a Priority Species in UK Biodiversity Action Plan);
  • Foster botanical and horticultural knowledge through an art workshop;
  • Encourage horticultural skills locally through advice, sale of plants and exhibition at the summer picnic.

The grant will cover costs of:

  • gardening equipment;
  • insect-friendly plants to edge 2 flowerbeds;
  • 4 tables and seeds for propagation workshops and plant sales;
  • community arts workshop to improve knowledge of the Deptford Pink and wild flowers in the park.  Redstart Arts lead artist, Cash Aspeek, will devise the arts workshop and summer display.

Redstart Arts, resident artists, hold sessions for artists with learning disabilities, design and distribute Park information and organise exhibitions.

  Fred and David making a line for a row of flowers 




Images: Deptford Pink (Dianthus Armeria), Bernd Haynold Wikimedia Commons;Planting Group in Action; Heron, Redstart Arts.

For further information or to join the Planting Group, please contact Julia Rowntree, Coordinator, on




A ticket or two

Our local Brookmill Pub is celebrating its first birthday – this coming weekend: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd September 2017.

Their RAFFLE is in support of ‘Friends of Brookmill Park’! They have decided that we are the ‘perfect cause’ – great news!

They are planning an all day BBQ, live music, children’s games and very much hope that Friends of Brookmill Park will be able to make it along.

The raffle will be drawn late on Saturday the 2nd of September. Raffle prizes include 2 tickets for a tour of Meantime Brewery, dinner for two and plenty more!

Do support the Brookmill Pub supporting us!

creek meet up 2

History of the Stephen Lawrence site

The Stephen Lawrence Centre is on the site of the Thames Water Building which stood here form 1805.The water for the area was taken from the Ravensbourne river which fed into a reservoir which would have been where the duckpond is now.Before that it was John Evelyns water mill,one of many mills along the Ravensbourne river.