Home work: “what matters to you….”

When Greenwich resident, Mick Delap, found his musical grand-daughter struggling with her homework, he gave her assignment a go himself. He kindly gave his permission for us to publish the poem which resulted, bringing to life the delight of seeing kingfishers in Brookmill Park.

Homework: “What matters to you…”

This matters to me – that even here in Lewisham

kingfishers catch fire. I was limping home from hospital

past the black surface of the old mill dam,

light fading in the bitter cold, the willows still –

when a small bird darted out, pitched onto a branch,

sunk its head into its shoulders like a mini Churchill,

puffed out its chest, then quicker than thought launched

off downstream, a streak of light scintillating

electric blue; a bolt from a crossbow

fired deep into the dusk.  Leaving me feeling –

dazzled. Is this how playing Mozart is for you?

A sense of unexpected possibility, reeled in;  

a moment catching fire? Something so new

that when it sparks, it’s yours; meant just for you?

© Mick Delap 2018