Tuesday 5th February 2019 1830 in Park Keeper’s Hut

Please come along and help keep the park beautiful for all. Meetings are open to all and newcomers are always welcome.  Volunteers are urgently needed to assist on planting, steering group, communications and activities.
Help make a positive difference to your neighbourhood green space.

Park maintenance is managed by Glendale.

Second successful grant application to Brockley Assembly

We are delighted to report a second grant has been awarded by   Brockley Assembly for development of horticultural and creative activities in the park during 2019.  This will support development of the park as a community resource for horticultural skills exchange, biodiversity improvement and art workshops.

Roses will be renewed in two more beds courtesy of Glendale; wildflower seeds will be sown in the narrow strip beside the cycle track and a trial bed will be made for the Deptford Pink.

Creative workshops led by local artists will happen in May and June.  Sign up to the mailing list for regular updates or look out for notices on the park hut and around the park.

  Fred and David making a line for a row of flowers 




Images: Deptford Pink (Dianthus Armeria), Bernd Haynold Wikimedia Commons;Planting Group in Action; Heron, Redstart Arts.

To sign up to the mailing list, get further information or  join the Planting Group, please contact Coordinator on