Bumble Bee boy

Bumble Bee boy was seen today,Thursday 22nd November,collecting bees in a plastic bottle.He had about 6-8 bees.I asked him what he was doing and he said he just liked collecting them and he would let them go later.He said he would not kill them.I pointed out that it was important that the bees were able to fly freely and pollinate the flowers.He had a bit of foliage in the bottle with the bees.

creek meet up 2

History of the Stephen Lawrence site

The Stephen Lawrence Centre is on the site of the Thames Water Building which stood here form 1805.The water for the area was taken from the Ravensbourne river which fed into a reservoir which would have been where the duckpond is now.Before that it was John Evelyns water mill,one of many mills along the Ravensbourne river.